Rated R for Rattata


  • name: Liz/Elizabeth/Lizard/Rat Lady
  • age: 18 but actually 12
  • gender: magical girl
  • birthday: september 4
  • height: 5’4
  • sexuality: demigodsexual but also pretty gay idk
  • relationship status: committed to fictional lesbians with tragic backstories
  • occupation: art student/teaching assistant/weeb
do you have any:
  • siblings: 14 year old brother thats gay for michael jackson god bless him
  • pets: my sweet little dog that lives roughly 2,817 miles away
  • piercings: hell naw fuck needles
  • tattoos: nahh
  • movies: Mulan, the matrix, how to train your dragon , rebellion story, spirited away, how to train your dragon,
  • foods: steak, sushi, overly expensive dark chocolate
  • bands/artists: its a tie between beethoven and fob

(via madohomos)

Hello there, I'm a Freshman art student. I like to draw cute girls and dragons.

My blog has animated movies, pokemon, and sometimes my art.

Also I'm not a furry.